I Cable girls by Netflix, a feminist series not to be missed

This is one of the latest Spanish additions to Netflix who is increasingly introducing foreign films and series to its UK site. For those of you who don’t know it, Netflix has a different availability of films and series based on the country you are  in.  This is not only  based on the taste of their audience but  also the competitors who might own the rights to broadcast a particular series.

I seem to be in a pretty woman empowerment awareness period. I’m reading, following interesting stories and asking myself loads of questions I had not before. 

Hence I am developing a special interest in anything woman related. Well, maybe everything is an overstatement, many things. Some of them are too superficial and I honestly can’t be bothered.

Madrid, Spain, the 20s. Alfonso XIII reigns and Spanish women live pretty much subdued to the tyranny of a patriarcal system which sees them as “servants” or “breeding machines”

Telefónica-one of the largest phone providers in the globe nowadays Рis expanding and is hiring more operators.

Story pitch (no spoilers)

The first episode of The cable girls  introduces the main characters : Lidia (previously know as Alba and whose story will be little by  little unveiled),Carlota, Carolina and other girls are being hired in an ever-expanding soon to be multinational. Friendship, love, betrayal and great expectations are surrounding the lives of these cable girls.

Why you should not miss it

  1. The charm of the 20’s before Franco took over th country. 
  2. It’s truly entertaining 
  3. If you are aware of Depicts the lives of women of the time. Women who were expecting to fit into the stereotype of the mother, woman who could not have an opinion, woman who accepted the mistreatment of some use thy had no better option or were nit brought up to think for themselves .
  4. There are heroines which will defy th system and will break the rules and get caught in many interesting stories.

Negative point 

The choice  of soundtrack : soft pop inn in th  background at times which feels too unnatural for the time. 

Dubbing is not bad but it can feel  strange if your first language is English. Anglophone countries ar not used to dubbing as much as we are in Spain or Italy. Just set the sound to Spanish and turn subtitles on. Honestly, do not miss out on something nice just for that reason.


Very good generally.

(Thanks to Netflix for the images)
Let m know if you watch it and liked it.